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Banker’s work is powerful, intense and thought provoking. She digs deep within the human consciousness and creates canvases of layered, shimmering colors which captivate the viewer and invite an intimate dialog with the work. As a viewer it is easy to become entranced in the work while examining the translucent layers, the explosive colors and the emotional content and find that one has connected with the work on a deeply satisfying level.

~ Mary Whisonant, Curator & Art Critic

The work of artist Karen Banker walks through awareness, self-discovery, and the journey to the inside. There are layers beneath the physical exterior, beneath the surface of conversations, thoughts and ideas.

~ Jose Moriera, Gallery Director, Colorida Galeria de Arte, Portugal

Wow! Best work I have seen in a long time! Amazing!
~ Christopher Rowland

I purchased two of your paintings this past weekend. I fell madly in love with both of them!
~ Sheila Mullen

We are in awe of your work!
~ Greg and Kat Kennedy

Very impressive, right to the Soul pieces. Wonderful colors, forms, interrelationships.
~ John Clark

Your work is fantastic! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – much the same reaction as when I first saw the work of Wolf Kahn, whose work I have studied for years.
~ Everett Thomas

Your artwork is beautiful!
~ Christina Renitz

Strong surfaces, fields, images and color. Wonderful!
~ GM Syverson

You do amazing work!
~ Wendy Holmes, Artspace

Remarkable and exquisite. Very inspiring works of art. Refreshing medium. Simply excellent.
~ LSN Achar

Your work is beautiful!
~ Tracy Peek

Wow! Your work is breathtaking!
~ Tina Steele Penn

Your work is beautiful!
~ Crystal Collier

I was blown away by your work!
~Andrew Jude

I love your work!
~Gabriel Pionkowski

I was particularly taken with your art. Wonderful paintings.
~ Marc Armstrong

Your work is amazing! Beautiful! Your colors are stunning!
~ Virginia Loewenstine

Very colorful and alive!
~ Janice Robinson

Beautiful pieces!
~ Kathe Pults

Outstanding work! I am mesmerized by your emotional synthesis in paint with a great deal of mystery and meaning – bravo!
~ John de la Vega